Oceaan Blauw – Wicca 8


Oceaan Blauw – Wicca 8

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The set with 8 displays the symbols of all annual celebrations.
Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Eostra, Beltaine, Lithe, Lammas and Mabon.

The Witch runes have nothing to do with the classic  Elder Futhark runes.
These sets are also easy to use for people who don’t do much with Wicca or are still learning it.

These sets come with a booklet with:
– Instructions for cleaning the stones
– Instruction for the use of the stones
– The meaning of all symbols.

Diameter: 16-20mm
Thickness: ±12mm

Recycled glass

You will also receive an informative flyer with the names, letter and meaning of the rune.

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